Best UPS For Wifi Router

Are you tired of those regular power outages during your working hours?

It can be a real headache if you are working from home or streaming an online video.

Hence, an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection is of paramount importance to continue delivering the network to experience seamless internet connectivity.

But how do you do it? 

Well, a UPS is always the best answer for you. A UPS for your Wi-Fi router is not only going to offer you a brilliant internet supply during the power cuts but also lets you finish your work on time. 

So, are you thinking of buying a UPS for your router? Well, then this article is just for you. Here are the three best UPS for Wi-Fi routers, along with their reviews, which will undoubtedly make your decisions easier. So, let’s jump into it without buzzing around anymore.

Wifi router UPS Comparison Table

Here is a comprehensive comparison table for the following products.

ProductPower range compatibilityBattery requirementsBattery life
RESONATE RouterUPS CRU12V2A Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router12V devices3 lithium-ion batteries4 hours
Cuzor Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router12V devices2 lithium-ion batteries3-5 hours
Oakter Mini UPS for Wi-FI Router5V/ 9V/ 12V/ 24V DC devices1 lithium-ion battery4 hours

Overall Best Pick: RESONATE RouterUPS CRU12V2A Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router

Are you looking for the best UPS for Wi-Fi routers?

Well, then this one by RESONATE is a great one to have.

This Wi-Fi router UPS is created to offer you uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can seamlessly do anything online you want. 

It comes with intelligent electrical safety protection circuitry and an enhanced battery management system, which is excellent for offering you smooth performance for a long time. 

This CE, RoHS certified product works with convenience and goes suitable with any adapter greater than 1A. It is generally compatible with many TP links such as Archer A6, A7, C6, C7, C60, C80, AX 10, MR 600, MR 100, etc. Also, it goes well with D-Links like DIR 841, 806, 615, 819, DSL 2730U. It is even compatible with Netgear like R6120, R6350, etc. 

This UPS for your Wi-Fi router includes 3 lithium-ion batteries, making it offer optimal performance with better battery back-up. With 4 hours of the battery charge cycle, this gadget works fine for an extensive time, making it our overall best pick for you. 

Key specifications: 

● CRU12V2A Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router

● Compatible with all 12V, <2A powered WiFi, WiFi/ ADSL routers

● Up to 4 hours’ power back-up 

● CE, RoHS Certified product

● Compatible with TP Link: Archer A6, A7, C6, C7, C60, C80, MR200, AX 10, MR 600 (Click on Read More), TP Link: Deco E4, M4, M5, M6, TL-MR6400, D-Link: DIR 841, 806, 615, 819, 825, DSL 2730U, Netgear: R6120, R6350, Linksys: E5600, Tenda: AC10, Nokia: G-140W-C, 140W-F, G-2425G-A

● Not compatible: D-Link DSL-224, Aphion: 1524, BDT-121, UTSTAR: ONT4842W

● Dimension measures 15 x 10 x 3 cm 

● Item weighs 390 grams 

● Includes 3 lithium-ion batteries

● RouterOS operating system 

● Included components are RouterUPS x 1 unit, Bridge cables x 3 instruction manual 1, warranty card 1.

● Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase 


● Ensures safety with CE and RoHS certifications 

● Easy to use 

● Long battery life 

● Offers uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience 

● Works with both ADSL and Wi-Fi routers


● Pricey 

● Not suitable for more than 12V devices

Runner Up: Cuzor Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router

Let your long search for finding the best UPS for Wi-Fi Router come to an end with this premium-grade quality product.

It is designed with a high-quality ABS material, making it durable and running for a long time under heavy usage. The exterior surface of the router is very easy to clean, and you can effortlessly maintain it. 

With its built-in power line detection circuit, this UPS ensures that you have a smooth switching between the power line and battery supply without any unnecessary delay.

With its lower depth of discharge per cycle, the battery will run for a much longer time. This UPS includes a built-in DoD control, which renders a long lifetime.

Its CC-CV also ensures a long battery life along with a very well-optimized charging cycle. 

With its battery life cycle management system, it also offers a high amount of durability with its lithium-ion battery. The dedicated processor ensures that the batteries only work when there is a lack of main power. 

With its “Always ON” operation, you can keep it connected with the main power all the time.

Its auto-cut-off algorithm ensures that charging is automatically ceased as the battery gets fully charged. With its 3x battery life, it makes sure that no overcharging occurs, which is also very useful for saving your power consumption.

Key Specifications:

● ABS material construction 

● Zero lag switch 

● 3-5 hours of battery back-up 

● Dedicated battery life cycle management 

● Includes “Always ON” technology 

● Thermal protection 

● Deep-discharge protection 

● Includes CC-CV algorithm

● Dimension measures 8 x 8 x 2.4 cm 

● Item weighs 180 grams 

● The voltage requirement is 12 volts 

● Includes 2 lithium-ion batteries 

● Packaging includes a UPS unit, 2 connectors, 1 output cable, warranty card.

● Includes 1-year of manufacturer’s warranty


● Offers brilliant battery life 

● Power saving feature with overcharging protection 

● Provides thermal protection for better safety 

● Works without lagging 

● Includes smart technology 


● None 

Budget-Friendly: Oakter Mini UPS for Wi-FI Router 

Are you tired of frequent power cuts and interruptions in your Wi-Fi connection while working from home?

Well, then the Oakter Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router is the ideal option for you. It ensures uninterrupted network connectivity when you suffer frequent power cuts.

It includes an ingenious mechanism that automatically switches to battery power during a power cut. To avoid VPN disconnection or conference call drop, you can easily use this device for a long time. 

This Mini UPS for Wi-Fi router runs on a 12V power supply and offers 4 hours of power back-up. It comes with two power sockets.

All you need to do is plug the Wi-Fi router power adapter into the all-in-one mini-UPS and enjoy seamless connectivity.

It is effortless to use. You can insert the power adapter of your Wi-Fi Router into a power strip so that it works fine with an array of routers.

The Mini UPS all-in-one provides 60-90 minutes of power back up for Wi-Fi routers based on their current consumption. 

With its intelligent battery management system, it boasts smart charging. The battery gets automatically charged when the power is ON.

And also, it offers seamless connectivity to all your 5V/ 9V/ 12V/ 24V DC devices, which undoubtedly makes it the best UPS for Wi-Fi routers

This UPC includes an additional connector or a universal socket that supports all kinds of Wi-Fi routers, CCTV, and set-top boxes.

Key Specifications: 

● It comes with 2 power sockets

● Oakter Mini UPS Supports all 5V/ 9V/ 12V/ 24V DC devices like Wi-Fi / ADSL Router, Set-top Box, and CCTV.

● Smart battery management for auto charging 

● Plug-n-Play connectivity

● 4 hours of battery life 

● Dimension measures 8.86 x 8.13 x 2.54 cm 

● Item weighs 300 grams 

● Includes 1 lithium-ion battery 

● The voltage requirement is 12 volts 

● Rechargeable battery power source 

● Battery capacity is 22 Volt Amperes

● Material: aluminum 

● Includes only 1 unit of UPS and connectors


● Easy to install

● Smart charging 

● Seamless connectivity 

● All-in-one device 

● Longer battery life 


● Heavy current consumption 

● Needs improvement in durability

Buying Guide for the Best UPS for Wi-Fi Router

Are you tired of those unwanted power cuts in your area? Well, it is obvious to get frustrated with frequent power cuts as it will interrupt your Wi-Fi service, and, at the same time, it can damage your Wi-Fi router. So how do you save it? 

Well, it is simple, as you can easily get rid of such struggles by using a top-notch UPS for a Wi-Fi router. But buying a UPS may not be easy for you as the market is filled with many options. So, how do you pick the best UPS for Wi-Fi routers? Here are the factors to consider.

Router Compatibility

Before you purchase a UPS for your router, you need to ensure that it is suitable for your device. For making the UPS compatible with your Wi-Fi router, you need to match both the devices’ power ratings. 

If the UPS offers a lower or higher voltage than the Wi-Fi router’s voltage requirement, it can cause a risk to your device. Thus, always check whether the router requires 5V, 12V, or 9V to work properly. While some of the routers come with a 2A rating, others include a 3A rating. You need to match this rating with that of the UPS before buying a suitable product. 

Battery Life

While buying a UPS for your router, you need to check the unit’s overall battery back-up. For a small-sized UPS, 4 hours’ battery-life after one-time charging is enough. However, for better options, you can also look for UPS with a bigger capacity.

Output Sources

Output sources are one of the critical factors to look for in a Wi-Fi router UPS. Though not all the models come with multiple output sources, some of the variants provide it. However, it can affect the battery life of the UPS. But multiple output sources let you connect your UPS with various sources so that you can use various devices at one time. 


Many of the devices come with intelligent charging facilities. With a smart charging system, you do not have to be concerned about your UPS battery level. It will charge the battery automatically as the power is ON. The best UPS for Wi-Fi routers facilitates easy switching to the battery mode when a power cut occurs. 

Fast Switching

While you opt for buying a UPS for your Wi-Fi router, you should not forget to look for fast switching capabilities. Ensure there are no lagging issues during switching from electric power to battery power in case of a power cut. Ultra-fast switching ensures that the Wi-Fi connection is uninterrupted so that you don’t have to miss out on any of your essential work.

Safety Features

Safety features are undoubtedly essential when you pick a UPS for your Wi-Fi router. Smart charging is one of such safety features that offer adequate protection to the battery management system. 

Besides, safety measures like overcharging protection, thermal protection, battery overload protection, and under-voltage lockout protections are very convenient to save your device and connection from any unnecessary dangers. 

Frequently asked questions

What does a Ups for Wifi router do?

With a ups for Wifi router or a power backup for Wifi router, you don’t have to worry about Wifi connectivity issues faced due to power cut’s.

Battery life of this RESONATE RouterUPS CRU5V2A?

Battery life is upto 4 hours but it could vary depending on power consumptions of different brands of Wifi routers.

How to install RESONATE RouterUPS CRU5V2A?

Installation process for RESONATE RouterUPS is easy and can be installed under 60 sec. You should be able to install it with easy to do steps mentioned in manual.

RESONATE RouterUPS CRU5V2A is compatible with which routers?

RESONATE RouterUPS is most compatible with 5V, 9V, 12V powered WiFi, Wi-Fi/ADSL Routers.

Where can I find the power rating of a Wi-Fi router? 

Wi-Fi routers usually come with a power rating written on them. You can either check it at the backside of the router, the packaging box, or the user manual to determine your router’s exact power rating.

Is it possible to use my PC UPS with Wi-Fi routers during power cuts? 

Yes, you can use it with your Wi-Fi routers. But it is not at all going to offer you a good and reliable battery back-up as a dedicated microUPS will provide.

Can I use a UPS for delivering power to both the modem and router unit at the same time? 

Well, it is dependent on the power ratings that both the devices have. However, most UPS works with only one device. But if the total power requirement for both the modem and router unit is lesser than the UPS, it can be used for both the devices simultaneously.

How long is UPS going to power a Wi-Fi router?

Usually, on average, the UPS powers the Wi-Fi router for up to 4 hours, which offers you enough time for continuing your work. 

How do I connect my UPS to a router?

Following are the steps you need to follow to connect your UPS to the Wi-Fi router:
– Connect the router to the output port with the help of a supplied splitter cable. 
Insert the power adapter of your Wi-Fi router to the UPS input port. 
– Insert the power adapter into the AC wall outlet.


So, are you thinking of getting the best UPS for Wi-Fi routers for your home? Check on your router’s power rating and consider other factors discussed above to buy the best one from the market.

Make sure you pick one, which will offer sufficient battery back-up and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity. 

We will make the RESONATE RouterUPS CRU12V2A Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router the winner if you seek our suggestion. Its brilliant battery capability and best workability are suitable for any 12V Wi-Fi router device and offer stable performance during a power outage.

We have done our best to identify top 3 ups for Wifi router to buy on Amazon in India, based on user reviews and rating. Let us know if you found any other wifi router power backup device in the comment section.

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