Best Soundbar For Tv India 2022

Buy the best soundbar for tv In India based on user ratings & reviews. Soundbar enhances your audio experience to the next level. With a soundbar, you can easily expand your TV Sound to stereo sound. It just enhances your overall listening experience from your Tv.

Who needs a soundbar?

Anyone who wants to experience the best quality sound similar to theatres or cinema-quality at home from their Tv can opt for a new soundbar.

Most people like to chill out at their homes and watch TV shows or movies on Netflix.

If you are one among them, you might think about purchasing a home theatre package for personal entertainment. Not all people have the budget for buying such expensive sound equipment. 

In such cases, purchasing a soundbar offers an ideal solution. If you want to improve sound quality of your tv, soundbars could be one of the best option.

These self-amplified and high-power soundbars take less place while recreating the surround-sound effect using its acoustic design.

You bought a massive TV and thinking about buying the best soundbars?

Then here are some of the picks you can consider.

Product 1: Zebronics Zeb Soundbar (JUKEBAR 3900)

Are you trying to bring a theatre experience to your home? Then, this multi-driver soundbar of high-quality with a subwoofer is perfect for watching your favorite shows and movies. The sound output is perfectly balanced for an extraordinary experience.

· 13.3 cm subwoofer and 5.7 cm drivers

· Multi-connectivity options

· Wireless streaming via coaxial input, BT mode, HDMI, AUX, and USB

· Driver size subwoofer 13.3cm x 1Sound bar 5.7cm x 2

· Supported memory size: 32 GBBT


· The product comes with multi-connectivity options.

· The soundbar has an LED display panel with media/volume controls.

· It has powerful dual drivers and subwoofers for enjoying a high-fidelity cinematic experience.


· Zebronics imports the soundbars from China.

Product 2: MI Soundbar (Black with Eight Speakers)

If you are looking for the best soundbar at an affordable price range, MI offers the best one. It will indeed provide better sound output compared to that of your TV.

It is designed specifically for TV viewing. You can distinctly hear all dialogues and vocals of the music composition.

· Connector type: AUX and Bluetooth

· Mounting Type: Wall Mount and tabletop

· Compact and lightweight

· Connect quick and easy with Bluetooth

· Eight sound drivers


· MI soundbars come with eight sound drivers improving the movie/ TV show viewing, music playback, or gameplay experience.

· It is easy to connect your mobile phones or other devices using different connections.

· MI soundbars have a no-fuss design. It means you can set up the product without any hassles or fuss within thirty seconds.

· The product has a minimalistic design with an attractive grey tone that goes well with your home’s décor scheme.


· The lack of remote is one of the most significant flaws of this product you cannot overlook. It means you need to adjust the power, source, and volume selection manually. It is frustrating to get up from the couch and change these while watching something interesting.

Product 3: JBL Sonic B200WL From Infinity

Looking for crisp sound offering an immersive experience? Check out JBL Sonic from Infinity. It is possible to hear every sound using the long speakers. You can place it below or above your TV. A

lign with a subwoofer for improved sound quality. It is a versatile product improving your audio quality for a great viewing experience at home.

The product’s slim design makes it practical and functional without using more space. 

· Compatible with TV, tablet, mobile, laptop, and audio player

· Special feature include bass boost controls on remote

· Maximum output power of speaker: 160watts

· Connectivity easy and quick with Bluetooth

· Deep bass

· Multi-functional remote


· You can enjoy a theatre-like experience with the 60-Watt system output.

· Creates a cinematic experience with its powerful and immersive sound.

· Allows pairing of different compatible devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

· It comes with a wide range of output sound options allowing you to connect to different devices.


· Many customers have reported delays in Bluetooth connectivity.

· No information regarding service centers in India. 

Product 4: Samsung T400 Soundbar (2.0 Channel)

Using this soundbar, you get the effects of a woofer. It offers more bass and more space. You can start enjoying the content without delay by connecting the soundbar to the Samsung TV using Bluetooth.

· Manufacturer’s warranty: one year

· Built-in woofer

· Bluetooth connectivity

· One remote control

· Speaker connectivity: 1 USB


· It has two built-in woofers and a sound duct for maximum effect.

· The product has an integrated USB port.

· One remote for all functions.

· Great surround sound effects.


· Bass performance works well for small rooms and may not work for spacious halls.

· TV needs Bluetooth connection.


If you want to transform your living space into an entertainment area, you need to buy a top-quality soundbar. Coupled with HD pictures, you can enjoy the video’s audio quality and protect your ears from damage due to exposure to poor sound quality.

It is ideal for people who wish to enjoy a surround sound effect on a budget. But, remember, it may not replicate the home theatre system’s sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions- Soundbar

What is a soundbar?

Soundbar is a compact (oblong-shaped) device that consists of multiple speakers & is used to improve sound quality of your TV.

Difference between soundbar & home theater?

Home theater is totally different from a soundbar. Soundbar is a compact solution that can offer quality sound from one angle, whereas a home theater can cover an entire room surrounding & can offer enhanced sound experience from multiple angles.

Things to consider while buying a new Soundbar?

While buying a new soundbar, you should check for HDMI IN/ ARC, Power, Bluetooth connectivity, No. of Driver (Bar)- woofers & tweeters, subwoofer drive size, optical.