Best Managed VPS Hosting

Don’t have enough time to read entire post? No worries! Here’s our pick for the best Managed VPS Hosting.

Our Preferred Choice
Hosting Plan-Virtual Private Server Hosting
VPS Hosting Provider- DreamHost(Hosting starting @ $1.99/month)

If you are looking for a good web hosting plan, Managed VPS Hosting is one of the best choice. To choose the best web hosting, you need to understand different features & limitations that comes with different types of web hosting plans offered by different web hosting service providers.

We prefer managed VPS hosting over other web hosting plans. Managed VPS hosting is little expensive when compared to other hosting plans but has its own advantages that makes it our preferred web hosting plan. DreamHost has made managed vps hosting more affordable for us.

DreamHost managed VPS hosting starts as low as $10/month & because of its user friendliness, monthly & yearly pricing plans, server speed & other features like one click install etc, we choose DreamHost managed VPS hosting as our preferred web hosting plan.

Our Choice-Best Managed VPS Hosting-DreamHost

Top Advantages/Benefits Of DreamHost Managed VPS Hosting

1. Cost Effective

2. Fast Setup With 1 Click Install

3. Free SSL & Auto Installation

4. Fast Loading Speed

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting)

VPS hosting is a private space within a server to host your website/web application. Multiple virtual servers are hosted on a single server. Each user can install there preferred operating system, software and also configure server settings as per own requirement. Your server resources are not shared with other users. This enhances loading speed and uptime of the server.

VPS vs Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting shares server resources among users. Whereas a VPS hosting is private server space within a server. Server resources are not shared among users in a VPS hosting.

In shared hosting, you will have limited access or wont be able to modify any server settings as per your requirement. Whereas in a VPS hosting, you can alter server settings depending on your requirements.

Why choose a managed VPS hosting

  • If you don’t have the technicality to setup a VPS on your own & want hosting providers to manage your entire server
  • If you need root access to the server
  • If you need performance of a dedicated server at lower price
  • If you need to upgrade from shared hosting

Difference between self managed VPS hosting(unmanaged) & managed VPS hosting

A self managed VPS hosting plan is best for you if you are someone having experience managing a server. With self managed VPS hosting, you need be aware of server installation process, command lines & troubleshooting etc. A system admin or a developer would be someone who might find it easy to handle a self managed VPS hosting.

A managed VPS hosting is the best alternatives to a self managed VPS hosting plan. Your don’t have to have a prior knowledge of server environment. Managed VPS hosting comes with all pre installed OS, software & configured server settings.


Hope we helped you understand why Choosing a managed VPS hosting for your website/web app would be a great choice when compared to shared hosting plans. Managed VPS hosting is fast & reliable Our preferred choice for managed VPS hosting is DreamHost because of it features & affordable pricing plans.

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