e bike Conversion Kit India

Buy the best e bike conversion kit India based on user ratings & reviews. While searching for best Electric Bike Conversion Kits on Amazon, what we found is, almost all the kits are pretty new & its because its a new trend. We have sorted out electric bike conversion kit with most number of positive reviews to make your choice easy.

Our Winner-Geekay Electric Bike Conversion kit

This Geekay brand electric bike conversion kit helps you transform convert any non gear normal cycle into electric cycle.

Top Features

  • 24 V Lithium ion
  • Water proof
  • Heavy duty load motor
  • Top speed-25 Km\Hr
  • Rated speed: 3300/Min
  • Horn button throttle set
  • LED light with key lock battery indication,
  • 36 hole double thread hub,
  • Brake lever with auto cut off
  • 8 Magnet pedal assist
  • 6 Months warranty

2. yf gold E-Vehicles 24v 250w Bicycle Conversion Kit (nf)

yf gold E-Vehicles 24v 250w Bicycle Conversion Kit (nf) is low in price as compared to Geekay brand conversion kits. .This yf gold E-Vehicles 24v 250w Bicycle Conversion Kit (nf) includes following things

  • 250w motor
  • Motor controller
  • Chain
  • Freewheel.
  • Freewheel adapter
  • Mounting plate with bolts
  • Throttle handle & brake lever set
  • Headlight
  • Switch & key
  • 18cm axle.
  • Charger

Top Features & Motor Specification

  • 100% waterproof motor
  • 24 volt dc operation permanent magnet dc motor.
  • No load rpm: 3850
  • No load current: <2.2 amps
  • Rated wattage: 250w (0.33 Horsepower)
  • Rated load rpm: 400
  • Torque (NM): 22
  • Rated current: 13.4 amps.
  • Efficiency: 78%
  • Reduction ratio: 9.78:1


If you are searching e bike Conversion Kit India, then we found only these two above mentioned e bikes conversion kits as good products. We compared almost all other products and finally choose Geekay Electric Cycle Conversion Motor kit Cycle kit E Bike kit & yf gold E-Vehicles 24v 250w Bicycle Conversion Kit (nf). If you come across any other good bicycle conversion kits, do let us know in the comment section.